Our Services


Our Architectural House Designs

At Afrotronic Home Design, we strongly believe in deeply engaging with each customer that we work with. We cultivate a personal relationship with you and want you to be fully involved in the design process for your home plan or even the modification of a pre-design plan.


Pre-design Home Plans

We are the hub of architectural house designs that incorporate as many aspects of modern living as you would like. We want you to take complete ownership of the style and plans that we create for you. Hence, we have created room for open dialogue with our clients to help them freely voice the ideas, goals and aspirations they have about their dream homes.


Our Architectural House Designs are a Blend of Genuine Beauty and Proven Functionality

Client input has helped us develop premium home building plans based on clients’ specific needs. We take care of every client by embracing their vision for the interior and exterior of the home plan. Our extended range of services includes plan development, house plan modification, blue print consultation and site planning.


Professional House Plan Designers

Practicality is one of our major considerations when working with you. We strive to provide quality at the right price and we never turn down any client. Our house plan collection has a plan for every person whether you are on a tight budget or are looking to splurge on your dream home.

Do you need help figuring out what the ideal home plan for you is? We are here and ready to help you brainstorm, explore and make a final decision on the plan for your dream home.